Each user of https://tenfolddesigns.com is liable to agree to the stated terms of services on this page. Any disagreements terminate all services, usage, or consultation from the https://tenfolddesigns.com/ to the disagreeing party.

Extensive Terms

The terms ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘customer’, and ‘user’ are referred to the people using or reviewing the https://tenfolddesigns.com. Moreover, the terms ‘company’, ‘us’, and ‘we’ are referred to the brand Custome Web Coder .

The stated terms and conditions (hereby) sustain that Custome Web Coder is rightful and free for revising, amending, changing, and adding to the terms of services at any point in time. The clients or users would not be officially notified of such an act. However, the team of Custome Web Coder suggests its clientele and users regularly check the terms of services & privacy policy page to stay up-to-date.

Regarding the terms of services, Custome Web Coder has no tolerance for unruly behavior, unkind behavior, and any sense violation of these terms and conditions of the company. In order to manifest the confidence of our clients, their properties like logo, content, brand, or any other property will solely be theirs, and Custome Web Coder will have no authority over it. Until stated, Custome Web Coder doesn’t infer any endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation over a client’s property.

Custome Web Coder completely reserves the rights and ownership of the resources that belong to the company itself.

Project Proposal

The service process of Custome Web Coder is as feasible as possible for the clientele. To elevate the projects, we offer custom services for our clients to incorporate their ideas through our online resources and expert teams. We would keep the online avenues open for our former clientele for a good relationship and any sort of assistance in the future as well.


It is to be noted that Custome Web Coder plays no certain role in deciding the type of information being shared or how it is shared or presented over the website of its clientele. It concludes any sort of claim of impropriety against the website of our client should directly exclude Custome Web Coder and its entire team. We shall not be accountable for such claims where all the authority and decisions belong to our clients.

On the other hand, the clients of Custome Web Coder are liable to defend or indemnify the reputation and official name of Custome Web Coder by all means. In any worsen case, the clientele of Custome Web Coder is to bear the lawyer’s fees for the company.


We intend to deliver a smooth experience to all our users by a decrease in causalities that you might face due to online disruptions. In case the files at the client’s end are deleted, corrupted, or lost, or if the server is unresponsive, Custome Web Coder cannot be held accountable for such cases and damage claims.

Custome Web Coder has no ownership and authority over our clients’ personal belongings and properties. It includes their names, brand names, logos, content, graphics, pictorials, themes, trademarks, etc.

Data Loss & Backup

In case of a loss with regards to the data at the end of the client, we are not accountable or liable to recover, compensate or regenerate the data for the client.

The users of Custome Web Coder are informed of all the consequences and risks related to or affiliated with using the services of the company. The users (by further using or choosing to use the services of the company) automatically or deliberately gives their consent and approval of the stated terms and regulations of Custome Web Coder .

It involves but is not limited to loss ensuing from:

  • The web data transfer
  • Interruption or delays in website access
  • The unwarranted or unjustified use of primary information of the users
  • Receival of email messages fails
  • Lost or deletion of email messages
  • Incapability to use our mail service
  • The application procedural of your services for your clients
  • Misstatements, omissions, or errors of service and information provided under this agreement

The Phase of Denial

The authority and rights of stating the terms which violate the regulations of the policies and constitutions remain only to Custome Web Coder . We decide what and who violates our terms of services. With the same concern, the company has full rights to terminate or cease the services to any candidate or user for a particular period.

In case where a single facet stated as the provision is invalid, it does not nullify the remaining policies. Furthermore, Custome Web Coder investigates and verifies the term against the resolute standards. It permits us to modify our regulations in an intelligible set of rules, making it fair for our clientele to adhere to the basic intent of Custome Web Coder .

The Copyrights & Trademark

It is obligatory for the clientele of Custome Web Coder to provide reliable evidence of ownership of the below-mentioned properties. This condition is only applicable to the entire clientele of Custome Web Coder when they apply for certain web design and development or other services from the company.

The properties include but are not limited to:

  • Names
  • Brand Names
  • Product Names
  • Ideas
  • Logos
  • Illustrations
  • Visuals
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Content
  • Trademarks
  • Pictures

In addition to it, if the above-mentioned properties belong to Custome Web Coder , the complete ownership will belong to the company itself. In case where the client requires the copyrights, proper documentation stating the terms, reasons, and agreements would be required. In the same case where the company doesn’t permit sharing the trademarks, the entire clientele must oblige and respect the decision of the company. Our clientele is also expected to protect the company from any sustaining harm during the process.

Revision Policy

Custome Web Coder do entertain the revision requests. However, the number of revisions is dependent on the initial package selection for the service of Custome Web Coder . Whereas we permit 2-3 revisions to our clients only if the initial concept and idea are not changed or affected in any way. For extra revisions and major changes, additional charges would be applied to the project.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Custome Web Coder offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all its design services. Customers can claim 100% of their money paid for the service back under the following circumstance:

  • If you are unsatisfied with the initial designs of the logo or the website. You can request a 100% refund on your project.

Refund Policy

Custome Web Coder offers a 100% Refund on all its design services, however it is not an unconditional 100% refund and certain terms & conditions may apply.

For the cases of refunds:

Custome Web Coder has a separate support team to evaluate the evidence provided for the refund claim and prepare the case study. In the same regard, Custome Web Coder has complete authority to reject a refund claim if the client is found guilty of violating even a single term of services stated by the company.

The final decision of a refund claims approval or denial lies with Custome Web Coder , which, is supported by a case study of the project. The clientele of Custome Web Coder is obliged to respect the decision backed by pieces of evidence and case study provided by the support team of Custome Web Coder .

Procedure to claim for a refund:

Contact Custome Web Coder through:

  • Email
  • Toll Free
  • Live Chat Support

The claim request would be strictly analyzed by the support team of the company, and 2 – 3 revisions would be catered to the client as compliments. However, if the dissatisfaction continues, the specific project would be directed to the compliance of the company and would be keenly investigated. The highlighted concerns of the refund request from the client-side would be taken into notice, and the client would be updated on the procedure via the official company email.

Dominant Cognizance

The stated terms of services mentioned on this page of https://tenfolddesigns.com are approved by the company. Custome Web Coder ascends any form of written or verbal compound formerly agreed and disclosed policies and terms. Each client of Custome Web Coder is expected to adhere to the stated and current set of terms and conditions to use the site and services of Custome Web Coder .

For any further queries or concerns, you are free to contact our customer support through:

Toll Free: +1 (888) 959-8189

Email: info@tenfolddesigns.com

Custome Web Coder is ready to serve your concerns 24/7 around the clock.

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